Is there parking available?

You can park directly outside where we have dedicated parking. However there is also parking available in the retail area 100 yards up the road should our car park be full or if you prefer not to park directly outside.

Are showers available?

All of our rooms have en-suite shower facilities and we insist that our clients have a shower upon arrival to ensure both parties can have a clean and pleasurable experience which is not included within your time alloction. You are also welcome to shower again at the end of your massage should you wish.

Do I have to book?

No, you do not have to book, you can just call in when you have the time and will be introduced to the ladies who are available at that time. However, should you wish to see a particular lady for a particular massage then bookings are advisable.

Can I book via email or through Adultwork?

Sorry but no. You can only book by phone on 01604 752390 on the day you wish to attend.

What time is your last appointment?

We close the premises at 8:00pm weekdays and 6:00pm on Saturdays, so therefore you will need to be with us early than this…..

  • Monday – Friday: Our last half hour appointment needs to be with us by 7:15pm and our last hour appointment at 6:30
  • Saturday: Our last half hour appointment is 5:15pm and our last hour appointment at 4:45pm
  • Sunday: Our last half hour appointment needs to be with us by 7:15pm and our last hour appointment at 6:30

What is the difference between hand relief and an 'All-In' massages ?

Whilst times have moved forward we still have a great number of clients who wish to receive a hand relief only massage. These are full body massages which end in hand relief only without any personal services.. Our “inclusive” massages include extra services which vary from lady to lady. Please check each lady’s profile to see which services she provides. These services are included with “All in” massages and do not incur any extra charge with the exception of A-Levels.

Can I book a lady for an outcall at my home or hotel ?

Sorry, but our ladies are only available for incalls at Soft Touch Bodyworks’ incall venue.

Is there a two girl service available?

Yes, Simply choose the massage service you require and double the price for the second lady. Please note however that not all ladies offer a full on 2-girl interactive show. Should this be your requirement then you are advised to call on 01604 752390 for clarification.

I noticed a specialised service offered by a particular lady, could you please tell me what the extra cost is?

Sorry, this is a private matter between yourself and the lady. We can say however, that the ladies have given consideration to extra services they offer to make sure they are reasonable and comparative in respect to other service providers in the local area.

I am a student can I have a discount?


I am a pensioner can I have a discount?


I am a foreign national can I have a discount?


Not even for me?

Nope, sorry ! Not even you Mr Pitt!

Can I have bareback?

NEVER! We value the health and wellbeing of our ladies and clients.  Any clients or ladies found to be partaking in such a dangerous activity will not be welcomed back to Soft Touch Bodyworks !

Can I have video the experience?

NO! Any clients found to be using ANY kind of recording device will be made to leave and banned from EVER visiting again!